Brown Eyed Girls - I Got Fooled By You Lyrics

Come on yeah..I wanna get you guys on the Boogie train!!
(Get on the train, get on the train, get on the train, get on the train)
Baby-G (Hoh Ooh Woh~), Narcia (Ooh Ooh~ Ooh~ Yeah), J.A. (Uh Uh Wooh~ Uh Uh~)
Miryo, come on, let’s go!

It seems that I still don't believe in love
Stupidly getting fooled by love this many times is enough, can't you tell..

*You who whispered into my ear daily saying that you loved me, that I was the only one
After you left, that’s when I remembered the saying that men are all the same

**That's how much I was hurt by love and again, I loved you while crying like a fool
You who warmly hugged only me turned cold like ice
Your warm eyes that only wanted me
Now, everything has changed, I can no longer recognize you

Love is moving
Didn't know copy would ring my heart~
Trust was shattered and I likewise have broken into pieces
Yet I, unchanged, still want you~ (yeah, yeah)

You said you were very happy when you met me (you have ever told me so, baby)
Now you said leaving me made you happy

Words I couldn't say, words I can't say..I still have so much to tell you
But I can no longer say them since you left me so easily

(Woh Uh uh uh uh uh ooh~) Huh, yo, yea, come on!
Please take all my love, hate, and memories
I regret being crazily in love like that (Why was I like that; I regret it now)
What sin does my love have to wish for you
Even if you throw me away, even if you erase me, you know that you are my only one
Why of all things did you have to love me, making me cry….

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